East Durham,
New York

East Durham,
New York

Christmas in Durham

Due to the Weather

17th Annual Christmas in Durham
At the MJQ Irish Cultural and Sports Centre

Address: 2267 Rte 145, East Durham, NY 12423
IS NOW Sunday, December 7th
from 3– 5 pm
Visit with Santa 3:30 PM—4:45 PM
Tree Lighting 4:45 PM
Fireworks 4:45-5 PM
Indoor Gathering 5-6 PM
*All are welcome to attend an “indoor” community Christmas gathering at the Shamrock House on Rte 145 in East Durham from 5-6 PM after the tree lighting (if you are able please bring a dessert/finger food).

Event is organized by the MJQ Irish Cultural and Sports Centre In Partnership with the Durham NY Chamber of Commerce, Business Members and Residents of the Durham Community.

Tree Donators & Sponsor Sponsored by:
Tree Signs For:
1. Tir na nog Tir na nog
2. East Durham Volunteer Fire Company—- East Durham Volunteer Fire Company
3. Jo-Ann & Jack Rascoe—- Deer Watch Inn and IU Tripp & Co.
4. Grapeville Agency Inc.—- Grapeville Agency Inc.
5. Jay Garuc—- GARUC DIST
6. Redin O’Flynn—- For: PEYTON, RYAN, LUKE
7. John & Sue Quirk—- HANS & GRETEL
9. Donol Gallagher —–GUARENTEED IRISH Gift Shop
10. GNH LUMBER INC—– GNH Lumber, inc
11. Liam Kinsella—– LIAM KINSELLA
12. Lar & Emma Molloy—– SHAMROCK HOUSE
13. Cairo-Durham PTA —-CDE PTA
14. Greenville Saw Service—- Greenville Saw Service
15. Tip Top Furniture—- Tip Top Furniture
16. The Milk Run—- The Milk Run
17. Doreen’s Family Hair Care Salon—— Doreen’s Family Hair Care Salon
18. Simply Durham Cottages —–Simply Durham Cottages
19. Therese Patterson—– The Patterson Family
20. Sheila Evans—– In memory of Jack & Tiger
21. Maryanne & Patrick Neville—— Maryanne & Patrick Neville
22. Wayside Country Cooking Inc.—– Wayside Inn
23. The McGahan Family—– In Memory of Maxine, Otto & Stephen Ohle
24. Ericka Rose—– Hidden Meadow Farm
25. Michael & Susan Boyle—- Lazy S Ranch
26. The Handal Family—– Blackthorne Resort
27. Ed & Denise Kerrigan—- The Zoom Flume
28. Tidhg Russell—- For Caoimhe
29. Durham Ambulance—– Durham Ambulance
30. Barabara Kuhn—- Twin Restoration  

31. In Memory of Bonny Gallagher
32. In Memory of Kathleen McGrath

Christmas in Durham Press Release on Wednesday, December 3, 2014

DURHAM — The Michael J. Quill Irish Cultural & Sports Centre will be hosting the 17th Annual Christmas in Durham. The free event will take place at the Sports Centre’s location along Route 145 in East Durham.
The free event will start Satur…day at 3 p.m. and a visit from Santa Claus will take place at 3:30 p.m. to 4:45 p.m.
The event will have a number of family activities, catering to the kids attending, including pony rides, Christmas carols and a rock climbing wall.
A lighting of about 35 trees will take place at 4:45 p.m., with fireworks commencing afterwards. There will also be a Nativity Scene to go along with the trees.
After the fireworks, there will be a gathering from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. in the Shamrock House. All are welcome to attend the indoor community Christmas gathering at the Shamrock House along Route 145. All attendees are asked to bring a dessert or finger food.
Gavin said they chose the Shamrock House because of the facility’s new ownership, but every year the event will be holding the indoor gathering somewhere different.
“The biggest thing is that all the local businesses have donated to this, also residents and the Cairo-Durham School [District],” said Gavin. “Any Proceeds go to the Cairo Community food Pantry.”
Nonperishable food donations for the Food Pantry are welcomed to this event.
The event is organized by the MJQ Irish Cultural and Sports Centre in partnership with Durham, New York Chamber of Commerce, business members and residents of the Durham community.
“Everyone has helped out,” said Gavin. “We had over 30 volunteers helping set up the trees the other day, which was really nice.”
Gavin said every tree has been donated by the community and each one is either in memory of someone, represents a local organization or or represents a business.
Tree sponsors include: East Durham Volunteer Fire Company, Jo-Ann & Jack Rascoe, Tir na nog, Grapeville Agency Inc., Jay Garuc, Redin O’Flynn, John and Sue Quirk, Cairo Durham Teachers Association, Donol Gallagher, GNH Lumber Inc., Liam Kinsella, Lar and Emma Molloy, Cairo-Durham PTA, Greenville Saw Service, Tip Top Furniture, The Milk Run, Doreen’s Family Hair Care Salon, Simply Durham Cottages, Therese Patterson, Sheila Evans, Mayanne and Patrick Neville, Wayside Country Cooking Inc., The McGahan Family, Ericka Rose, Michael and Susan Boyle, The Handal Family, Ed and Denise Kerrigan, and Tidhg Russell.
Gavin said it’s important to dress warm because this is an outdoor event and bring plenty of Christmas cheer. All ages are welcome.
“Someone told me the other day that the event is a sign of hope for East Durham,” said Gavin. “We had a hard year here and this a good sign of hope that helps us keep going, stay together and stay strong as a community.”
Gavin said her office was full of donations going to the children that will be attending. “We’re doing something good for the children in our area. It’s a positive event that they have something to look forward to,” said Gavin.
For more information, please contact 518-755-7488, or visit www.mjqirishcentre.com.
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