Authentic Donegal Irish Cottage

The Michael J. Quill Irish Cultural & Sports Centre commemorated this authentic Donegal Irish Cottage in 2004. The cottage was originally built over 200 years ago in the townland of Carrickatapopit (the rock of the priest) 8 miles from Ardara, in County Donegal, a small and typically beautiful Irish town with a population of about 725 people. It was owned and lived in for generations by the Shovlin Family. 

In later years, philanthropist Gerry Laverty, a well known Irish designer of Dunkineeley, County Donegal, purchased the beautiful cottage for his wife and four children and lived there  for a number of years. In the early 2000’s, the MJQICSC had the cottage carefully disassembled and shipped across the great Atlantic Ocean in pieces. First the chimney and center wall. All of the rest, including many of its original handmade Irish furnishings arrived in New York Harbor where it was unloaded and brought to East Durham, NY to be reassembled. 

The thatched roof and stone structure are typical of cottages found throughout Ireland and still used today. A beautiful rendering of the cottage as it is situated on its original Donegal hill, was painted by Edmund O’Sullivan, the famous Irish American painter. Reproductions of the beautiful painting are available for sale. Please contact a MJQ Irish Cultural & Sports Centre representative to view and purchase this beautiful image. 

During festivals, Irish turf is often burned to demonstrate how the Irish cooked and brought warmth to their damp homes using this centuries old tradition of burning dried peat from the bog. Authentic ‘Bond na Mona’ turf brought here direct from Ireland is for sale for those who wish to experience this famous Irish tradition.

Many demonstrations, music lessons, educational talks, and other events have been held inside and around our beloved Donegal cottage. 

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